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What we do in all living rooms, dens, dining rooms, family rooms, finished basement areas, bedrooms, hallways, and staircases:


1. High dusting including dusting all cobwebs and fans with the duster. 


2. All of the low dusting. This includes removing the items on the furniture (dressers, stands, mantles, and tables) in order to completely clean the top of the furniture. Then we dust the items on top of the furniture such as picture frames and lamps and return the items back onto the piece of furniture we just cleaned.


3. Spot check the windows and clean when dirty. This does not mean that we clean all of the windows every time.


4. Dust windowsills, baseboards, and trimming with duster.


5. Clean all mirrors if needed.


6. Make beds/change sheets if needed. (Client must leave the clean sheets on the bed)


7. Dust all picture frames, wall hangings, and knickknacks.


9. Wipe down handrails and dust spindles.


10. Vacuum all carpets.


11. Vacuum all hard flooring without HEPA filtered vacuum and mop floors.



What we clean in your bathrooms:


1. Do all of the high dusting by getting all of the cobwebs, vents, and light fixtures.


2. Clean the showers, tubs, sinks, and toilets. We remove all items in and on showers, sinks, and toilets and then we replace the items when finished.


3. Wipe down the outside of all cabinets.


4. Clean all mirrors, glass, and windows.


5. Wipe down baseboards. Dust doors and trimming with duster. 


6. Vacuum and mop floors.


7. Remove trash.




What we clean in your kitchen:



1. All of the high dusting including light fixtures and fans.


2. Wipe down the outside of all cabinets and drawers.


3. Remove items on the countertop and clean countertops. Wipe off all items and small appliances on the countertop and replace them.


4. Wipe down the backsplash. (If it is covered. We do not scrub paint)


5. Clean the outside of the fridge and stove. (Inside is an extra add on)


6. Clean the inside and outside of the microwave.


7. Clean and shine all stainless steel.


8. Clean all glass and windows.


9. Clean all tables and chairs.


10. Clean out the sink. (We do not do dishes).



Add-on’s for Maintenance Cleanings


Please call ahead to the office to add on any of the following items to your cleaning as this will change the amount of time we need to give the crew for your visit.




  1. Inside of all windows$70

  2. Inside of oven $30

  3. Inside of refrigerator $30

  4. Vacuuming out garage $50




*We only clean the inside of Cabinets for Move in/out cleanings because they must be empty.




What we NEVER do:


1. We do not do dishes.

2. We do not wipe down blinds.

3. We do not scrub carpets or upholstery.

4. We do not clean the inside of the dishwasher.

5. We do not declutter or clean homes with a hoarding situation.

6. We do not clean homes with human or animal feces on the floor or anywhere our cleaners would be in contact with these substances.

7. We do not guarantee cleaning of any window or dusting above 12 feet.

8. We do not open windows.

9. We do not clean chandlers.

10. We do not wash or fold laundry.

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