2/4/2020 - Sara Horsey

Crew comes by every 2 weeks to clean the house we have been using them for almost 3months now and have been happy with the results.

Description of work:

Whole house biweekly cleaning

10/1/2019 - MARGE CRAVEN

Lima’s Cleaning Service is the best, very trustworthy, always do an excellent job of cleaning. 

Description of work:

Biweekly Cleaning

10/1/2019 - MARYBETH IRVIN

We have been using Lima for about one year now. They are bonded and insured, which is very important to us. They are reliable and do a good job. On the two occasions where something was missed, the corrected it immediately and offered a discount. Also, on two occasions we had to reschedule, and they were very flexible to ensure our house would be cleaned.

Description of work:

Biweekly Cleaning

10/1/2019 - KRIS SANDHERR

Very dependable and work is done very well. 

Description of work:

Biweekly Cleaning

9/11/2019 - Maria Napolitano

They were responsive and professional. The cleaning was done well by a two-member team.


Description of work:

House cleaning for two stories.

8/5/2019 - Gretchen Ecoff

Very good. The gals did a great job - very thorough, professional, punctual and neat. I wish they would come weekly :)


Description of work:

Needed deep cleaning performed on house for daughter coming home with allergies

3/6/2019 - Barbara Price

This was a wonderful experience and one I expect to repeat monthly from now on. The service was recommended by a friend who had used their service. All contact was professional and exceptional: easy to make an appointment for an estimate, quick turnaround for a cleaning appointment, timely arrival of the team, thorough cleaning done quietly and without question by experienced and pleasant professionals. They even did the windows! They even cleaned the baseboards! They even vacuumed the upholstered furniture! They trapped previously unnoticed ceiling-high cobwebs! This was so great. I can highly recommend them.


Description of work:

Complete house cleaning

10/14/2018 - Gina Lupinacci

Lima's did a "deep clean" from ceilings and light fixtures to pulling hundreds of books off shelves to dust behind, and everything in between. They were very professional, accommodating to specific requests, and did an EXCELLENT job. Would hire again and have already recommended to friends. Staff was also incredibly nice!


Description of work:

Cleaning a home that sat for 5 months while owners were out of the country.

10/16/2018 - Sarah Chverchko

Ashley's team came to do a deep clean during the day while I was at work. I didn't get home until 8:30pm that night, and I could smell how clean the house was while I was still unlocking the door. I was crying literal tears of happiness as I saw each room! Even my 6-year-old was totally blown away, I’m pretty sure she has never seen our house this clean haha. I honestly feel like such a weight has been lifted! I’m a divorced single mom, I work 50+ hours a week, am involved with my daughter’s school, lead her Girl Scout troop, etc. I had given up on my house being properly clean because I just didn’t have the time. The clutter combined with something always needing to be cleaned wasn’t doing my anxiety and stress levels any favors either. Well now all the priority stuff done, and I feel like I can actually focus! All of the stuff that the team has neatly stacked together now seems so much less overwhelming to sort through and either put away or get rid of. I’m going to go to bed at a reasonable hour and not staying up trying to get a million things done, and not stressed about everything I didn’t get to. Her team went above &amp beyond, and I've had companies in the past do one-time cleanings, but they've always disappointed in some way. I am super happy with the work done. Working with the office staff is easy they are flexible and work with you on scheduling. Ashley herself came out to do the estimate and was great. I’m bubbling over with happiness about my house right now and I appreciate all the work that went into it. Worth every single penny!!! Can't wait to have bi-weekly cleanings!


Description of work:

Deep Clean of First Floor Home (Kitchen, Bath, Dining, Living, 2 bedrooms)

10/4/2018 - Al Malone

It went great. Stove, ceiling fan, cabinets, shelves and the floor were cleaned, and they look great.


Description of work:

Kitchen Cleaning

9/30/2018 - Sarah Carvellas

They do wonderful work. I have always been pleased with their work and they were very thorough.


Description of work: Full Housecleaning Service every other week

9/25/2018 - Minntt Capital Management

They've done a number of jobs for us. They do great job, very professional, very thorough and they were very responsive. Great service in general, and we are very happy with their service.


Description of work:

They did a pre move in and move out cleaning.

9/26/2018 - Marianne Ciccolella

They are very prompt, friendly and courteous. They are professional and they do a very good job.


Description of work:

They did general housekeeping.

9/26/2018 - Donna Ocando 

It went very well, thorough, quick and did a nice job.


Description of work:

They did a housecleaning service.

9/26/2018 - Amanda Sopata

They are very thorough, they are the best comparing to other companies, they make everything looks nice, and they did a great job.


Description of work: They did a housecleaning service.

9/25/2018 - Gina Brown

They did a good job they are thorough and efficient.


Description of work:

They did a housecleaning service.

9/8/2018 - Heather Gilmer

They did everything that was agreed to and even a little more.


Description of work:


9/19/2018 - Casey Cathell

I had my father’s house cleaned - I’m a nurse and work long, late hours - he called me in the middle of my shift knowing I was working - I usually think something is wrong, so I answered expecting bad news, but he had to tell me how elated he was about his house. He raved that it looked like the day he moved in... but better! He continued to tell me about every room and how wonderful it looked and that you all even got the stains out of bathtub which he tried to do for years! So, thank you! Thank you very much! I’ve never hired a cleaning service before and was uncertain about who to go with and how to go about it. Working with your service made the process super easy and the results are fantastic. We will certainly use your service for our future cleanings. Again, thank you - knowing that my father is in a clean home puts my mind at ease!!


Description of work:

House cleaning

5/29/2018 - chaz letzkus

They were on time and worked hard the whole time they were here. I was especially pleased with the cleaning of the upstairs bathroom.


Description of work:

Cleaning of two floors of house

5/10/2018 - Jessica O'Hara

The crew was extremely pleasant to talk to, respectful, diligent, and thorough.


Description of work:

Entire house cleaning

5/9/2018 - Val MacWhinnie

Lima cleaning is both professional and friendly. Their work is exceptional, they are very accommodating. I use them every three weeks and would highly recommend to anyone interested in their services.


Description of work:


4/30/2018 - David Delaini

After reading Angie's list reviews I called Lima's Cleaning to schedule a full house cleaning. I hadn't decided if I would have them on a regular basis or just one time and wanted to judge based on the quality of the work. There was a small issue with confusing me with another client, so they were not on time but were overly apologetic. I consider myself a very picky person and they were extremely thorough. I didn't feel that they rushed given they came later than planned which I appreciated. I plan to have them back on a monthly basis going forward.


Description of work:

Full House Cleaning

2/16/2018 - Kateri Persinger

Lima’s did a fantastic job deep cleaning my home. They are very detail oriented and professional. My house looks and smells amazing - worth every penny.


Description of work:

Deep cleaning

12/18/2017 - Abigail Byrnes

I scheduled a pre-holiday deep cleaning, and truly couldn’t have been happier with the results. My house looked and smelled wonderful when I returned home. In addition to dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning linoleum and tile floors, the team cleaned and polished all cabinets and wood trim (throughout house) with oil soap, vacuumed upholstered furniture, dusted light fixtures and picture frames, cleaned the outside of all kitchen appliances, cleaned kitchen and bathroom counters and fixtures, removed soap buildup around faucets, cleaned inside of windows, etc. I was incredibly impressed with their attention to small details – beds were made, books and toys arranged neatly on shelves, corners of rooms and trim were dust-free. I found the owners, Ashley and Mauricio, to be professional and friendly. Ashley visited my home and gave me a thorough description of what they would do, along with a price quote, prior to scheduling. And Mauricio took time to walk through the house with me afterward to ensure that I was happy with the outcome. They clearly care a great deal about the quality of their work. I believe the price was very reasonable. I will use Lima’s Cleaning for any future projects and would HIGHLY recommend them to family and friends with absolutely no reservations.


Description of work:

Deep cleaning of entire house

12/7/2017 - Sarah Carvellas

Just had my second cleaning. This is by far the most thorough cleaning that I have had done. I have tried 3 different services in the past three years and this company is head and shoulders above the others. The price was comparable, but the cleaning was SO MUCH BETTER.


Description of work:

Hired for biweekly house cleaning.

11/27/2017 - Kathryn Stennes

They were able to come out the week I needed them, and their work was amazing! They cleaned every floor (4 levels of a townhouse), bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, closets, inside windows, and blinds. They even wiped out the inside of the drawers, appliances (including the fridge!), and the pantry. The house smelled so good and was so clean that I almost wept with joy when they left! I'm hiring them to clean twice a month, to keep things looking this good all year long. The post-construction cleaning cost more, of course, because it was such a big job, but their bi-weekly cleaning price is very reasonable, too. I would most definitely recommend Lima's Cleaning to anyone and will. Thank you!


Description of work:

We were finishing up remodeling on our new house and there was SO much dust. We'd been staying in the house and were having trouble finding someone to help us with cleaning. We needed a full, post-construction cleaning before the furniture arrived, and were trying to coordinate the construction workers, the cleaning, and the furniture delivery, all from out of state. I saw Lima's Cleaning on Angie's List and sent an inquiry. Ashley got back to me right away and explained their services. I had asked for a post-construction cleaning (which they specialize in), as well as ongoing cleaning after that.

4/29/2017 - Randall Johnson

great job!!! So far they did the deep cleaning and it was wonderful!! They were very thorough. It took them longer then the anticipated, but they made sure everything was perfect and were no concerned about the clock until everything was done. I hired them again for every other week. Very nice, personable and very thorough!! I will keep you posted on their future cleanings, but my assumption is I will be using them for years.


Description of work:

deep cleaning of my house


Very well. House was immaculate when they finished. Never stopped working from the time they entered my home until they finished. Work was done quickly, but thoroughly. The group was a joy to have work here. Very cooperative and polite.


Description of work:

Dusted and vacuumed my two-story home, cleaned bathroom, kitchen counters, polished kitchen cabinets, plus living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture. Vacuumed upholstered furniture in living and dining rooms.

8/26/2016 - Michael Rubino

They did an unbelievable job. They arrived promptly (actually a little ahead of schedule!) and got to work right away. We had other contractors there doing work as well, but Lima cleaned around them easily. We have an old house with a ton of ornate woodwork, and they were very detailed in their cleaning. Very reasonably priced, polite and friendly, and very skilled. I'd hire them again in an instant.


Description of work:

We had a pre-move in deep clean done of our 3-story house.

8/22/2016 - Andrea Beranek

Wonderful! Excellent work done in an efficient and pleasant manner. My house was a challenge to clean everything was covered in fine wood dust since I had been sanding floors during the hot days when fans were on. I was too discouraged to clean myself. Lima Cleaning made everything sparkle - floors, counters, picture and door frames, glass, little decorative objects around the house, everything - and smell fresh. They were easy to work with, on time, and fair in pricing. I will use them again.


Description of work:

Extensive cleaning first and second floors of my house

6/16/2016 - Elizabeth Amis

LIMA cleaners are the BEST cleaners I have ever hired in my life and weeks later I am still finding things that they have cleaned thoroughly that no one would ever even notice or bother with at all! I expected a good job based on Angie's list reviews but what I got was quite literally exactly what anyone hiring another person would want which is the job done as advertised and completely for the money agreed upon between both parties. I just never expected that the description of the work they do was just a basic outline of the amazingness that I can't even believe they accomplished to this day. It’s not just that I have hired a slew of cleaners in recent years all of whom left me feeling like Id literally thrown money away, and that no one had work ethic anymore. Sadly and generally speaking I have found only cleaners who cut corners, work slowly or not at all! (I once paid a woman $22/hr to text friends for 4 hours), try to dictate or pick and choose their duties or refuse to do tasks previously agreed upon seemingly caring only for the paycheck rather than the job they're doing to earn it and in some cases leaving a bigger mess than the one they came into I just wanted Lima to clean my house well according to today's rather low standards. It's really that what they did was incredible. First they removed their shoes before entering my house which was so unexpected and even I don't walk around my house without shoes on! I suggested they might Not want to do that because my dogs are small and sometimes pee in the kitchen (which I clean up but still) and they insisted it was perfectly OK and that just says something amazing about their manners and respect for others. I shut myself in a room with my dogs so they wouldn't be tripping over them and when they were ready to clean that room they knocked on the door like I asked rather than avoid it altogether like most people would out of fear of bothering me. I LOVED that! While I waited in said room praying this was finally the company that actually cleaned like expected,  all I heard for three hours was scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing, and the sound of really hard work. Bottom line is when you add the really bad luck I've had with cleaners before to how incredible Lima was you get one girl who is completely gaga over this company and would like to shout it from the rooftops to the world. Here are some examples of their awesomeness...   They cleaned: windowsills that I forgot existed, the stinkbug in the fan over the shower that was sitting there to deter other stinkbugs (sayonara buddy!), anything that could possibly have had dust on it including ceiling fans, light fixtures, and the top of the refrigerator! They cleaned the inside and the outside of the microwave! Also, light switches, doorknobs, cabinet doors, walls, and the baseboards! They took everything out of the shower and scrubbed the entire thing! My wood floors are not sealed and mopping them feels like a futile effort because they absorb water never looking clean which I warned them about, yet they were wet and clean and amazing! They even cleaned the tray in the kitchen where my puppy pees and poops! That wasn't their job and I certainly didn't expect it and I'm grateful they took the initiative and appreciate that they did that for me. I'm sure I haven't even mentioned everything because I haven't found everything... oh! They cleaned the spare room where I keep all my crap even though I said not to bother and it looks great! I should also mention that I live in kind of an out-of-the-way town where hardly anybody does anything if they have to travel to get here so the fact that they came here at all I'm grateful for. I'm not certain how much of what I said they understood because I don't believe English was any of their first languages but  I can tell you that the international symbol for joy beyond words was all over my face when they were finished and not only would I hire them again and will hire them again, but if I could tell everybody about them and really help them to understand how incredible their work ethic is and how unusual it is that people do such a thorough job when people like to get away with whatever they can I would communicate that to them I feel like these days it's rare to come across anyone that really puts their heart into the daily grind and respects the people that hire them enough to really do a job fully and beyond what's expected so when I come across anyone who shows integrity and work ethic and any of those characteristics that seem to have gotten lost in people today I just want to praise the **** out of them and really let them and everybody else know how wonderful it is to see and experience qualities that truly deserve and earn respect, so hopefully they get something good in return for putting that out there in the world and also other people perhaps realize how important it is to have those kinds of qualities. They certainly have my respect! I really hope that this review is not going to create a massive amount of business for them to the point that they can't ever come back to my house, but I really hope that they feel amazing for the job but they've done here and that I've adequately communicated to them and anyone reading this that you would be making a mistake not hiring them and that the job they're doing now and the wonderful qualities that they are putting out into the world are worth the effort and I hope that they keep it up. It's not easy being awesome but it makes the world a better place. Even if I am flat broke I will find the money to have them come back at least several times a year because it would be a crime not to


Description of work:

This absolutely awe-inspiring cleaning company came to my very dirty, cluttered, out of the way house, and for a flat fee which was agreed upon ahead of time during the free estimate, they thoroughly cleaned the entire house leaving it so incredibly clean and looking like they actually tidied it all up as well that I am still finding things that they cleaned that I just can't even believe!  If I could award these amazing people a medal for incredible work ethic and pride in a job well done. I would do it in one second. You may think I'm exaggerating but all you have to do is hire them and you'll see what I'm talking about.

5/29/2016 - John Ridgway

Crew showed up on time and were very good. We were happy with their service and would hire them again. Also, they were very nice people and pleasant to have in my home.


Description of work:

Cleaned house

5/20/2016 - Harry Simmons

Lima's is hands down the best cleaning service currently in Pittsburgh by far.  In the past I had just used individuals and I was happy with the price, but not the services.  I was a little bit wary of hiring a cleaning company because I didn't want to get want to get over-charged.  I had an idea from the beginning that Lima's would provide a better quality of services that is only a little bit more in price than I was used to paying.  It was worth it to pay the extra bit of cash.  The quality is miles above what other cleaners can do.  The reason I knew I would get better quality with Lima's is because of their customer service.  Ashley knows how to communicate to the client to help you understand their services in a friendly and not pushy manner.  I think that when somebody cares about what they do it shows through when you talk to them. These guys really do care and it shows when they communicate ideas, arrive in a timely manner and work to get the job done quickly and efficiently.  You can tell that they have been working in the industry for a long time because they have a good system of doing things.  The equipment that they use really helps.  I have to admit I was a bit overwhelmed by the equipment because there is a lot of it.  Of course, in the past I used individuals and they used my cleaning tools and supplies, so there really wasn't any equipment.  As a slight critique I would say that they could let the customer know what they are going to bring before coming and how that works.  It wasn't really that big of a deal, but I was not as mentally prepared for that at the beginning.  The other good thing about them is that they can come at short notice, or at odd times if they are available.     Be warned, this will be an eye-opening experience for you.  They will remove dirt in your house that you didn't even know was there.  Things will shine, smell nice and fragrant.  Friends will comment on how great your house looks.  Neighbors will be jealous.  Birds will sing, life will seem good again.  I see it as clean house, clear mind.       


Description of work:

Lima's cleaned the entire house according to my specifications and more.  They exceeded my expectations.  The quality of their cleaning services is very high.  

4/19/2016 - Lisa Tallarico

Lima's Cleaning Service costs about the same as other cleaning services but do so much more. I am super picky over my house cleaning, but since I have become pregnant have also become a little lazy. Lima's Cleaning Service is a dream come true. They are all really nice and respectful. They clean really well, I am very happy with the service.


Description of work:

I hired Lima's Cleaning Service after firing another service for poor quality work. Lima's does an excellent job cleaning my house.

3/13/2016 - Renee Gervasi

Ashley responded quickly to our inquiry and worked us into their schedule right away. Mauricio and the crew worked diligently and covered a lot of details. We went out to dinner and Ashley checked in with us by text when the crew was finished and confirmed they followed our instructions on looking up the house. 


Description of work:

Deep cleaned an (older) home we just purchased. They did a fantastic job! Their work included inside all appliances, cabinets, windows & inside window jambs, totally through. It was a huge step toward making the house read to r move-in.

12/2/2015 - Georgianne Concannon

Excellent!! They actually outperformed their promises and I would highly recommend them!

Description of work:

Deep house cleaning

11/9/2015 - Elizabeth Peck

Description of work:

Lima is by far the most professional cleaning service I have ever used. Not only are they professional, communicative, and reliable - the work they perform when cleaning the house is superior to all others. I've had cleaning services in other areas of the country as well, and Lima is the best. They clean the home like it was their own, and definitely are detail oriented and take pride in their work. The cost is a little more than other places (for the same house) but the end result is a cleaner home on a reliable schedule - and worth every dollar.

11/2/2015 - Lynda Battista

I would highly recommend Lima’s Cleaning Service to everyone. When I called for information, I received a prompt call back and scheduled a visit for an estimate within one day. They were able to schedule a cleaning for me right away. The house was quite in need and they were able to make everything sparkle and shine. The pricing was reasonable for the services we needed. This is a family run business and I support their professionalism. If you need a job well done, consider Lima's Cleaning Services.


Description of work:

We needed help fast and Lima's Cleaning Services came through. This family run business did an extremely thorough job cleaning my elderly father's home.

10/21/2015 - Vadim gazarov

They did a great job! We had used two different cleaning services prior to them, and we were not satisfied. Lima's Cleaning Service was thorough, and they know what they're doing. We'll definitely be using them again, and we highly recommend them!


Description of work:

They cleaned three bathrooms in our house

10/11/2015 - Linda Edmondson

I called on Wednesday needing emergency service on Friday or Saturday. She was full, but Ashley managed to fit me in. She and Mauricio came and did a wonderful job at a very reasonable price. I have never seen my house so clean. I will be asking them to clean on a regular basis.


Description of work:

Cleaned my house

8/17/2015 - Aparna Gupta

Lima's Service Cleaning Crew arrived on time and quickly after they started to work. They did job very well, they left everything very clean and shiny. I will highly recommend their

8/6/2015 - Richard & Ami Kleifgen

They did an excellent job cleaning the house. Mauricio is an exceptionally good worker, very thorough and efficient. He is a hard worker in addition to being a very pleasant, friendly person. He came with 2 other workers and they all worked quickly and paid attention to details. Every room shines and sparkles and smells very good. They are the best cleaning service and I highly recommend them.


Description of work:

Cleaned entire house including laundry room and garage. They cleaned refrigerator for $25. extra.

7/19/2015 - Scott Harris

Description of work:

Mauricio showed up time and did an excellent job. Very thorough and professional. My house was spotless. I would use them again and would recommend them to anyone who wants a great job at a good price!

7/1/2015 - Christen Williams

Description of work:

Showed up on time. Cleaned 2 bathrooms and kitchen top to bottom. All bedrooms, dining room and living room dusted and swept. Ceilings, fans and pictures dusted. They also cleaned basement living area. Did a very nice job, my son was thrilled they made his bed and folded the bath towels in a cool way.

6/20/2015 - Carmen Costa

We've tried the services of other cleaners prior to working with Ashley and Mauricio, both bigger commercial services and individuals, and none of them came close to the quality, and detail in which Lima's perform their cleanings. I actually had to go back and clean "missed" spots with some of the other services (what did I just pay for?), or be told I had to pay extra for cleaning certain items I figured would be included in their expensive price (mopping floors is extra!?). Not with Lima's, one fair price covers everything you'd expect in hiring a cleaning service, and then some. Other services felt rushed, with no attention to detail, nor any relationship with us, as if we were just one more stop needing to be done as fast as possible, so they could cram as many cleanings into one day as possible. Lima's while always performing in a timely manner, never miss a thing, never rush, are always pleasant and courteous to us, and have always performed a tremendous service.   Our first experience was a longer deep clean before committing to a continued monthly/bi-weekly service... 5 1/2 hours after cleaning every square inch of our house, my wife and I agreed it looked as clean as the day we moved in, maybe even better!! My wife actually gave Ashley a hug of appreciation. We just walked around with smiles, calling to each other "look at how clean this looks!", "I can't believe they cleaned this", and "this looks like new!". It sparkled and shined, smelled so clean and fresh, and we hosted my family for Easter that following weekend in which they all commented and were blown away by how clean our house was (we couldn't even attempt to take the credit!) After seeing the quality of the initial deep clean, we discussed pricing options for monthly and bi-weekly services, and agreed to start with monthly, and increase frequency if needed (they are flexible). The pricing options were both extremely fair, and competitive with the other services we previously used, who didn't cover nearly as much, nor do as good a job. It was an absolute no brainier to continue services with Lima's, we simply scheduled the next date!   Some examples of how detailed they are including: We had blinds in the bathroom caked with hair spray and dust that we were unable to clean ourselves after multiple tries using different cleaning products, we almost replaced them. They took them down and hand washed them to the point they now look brand new. Cleaned the crevices under the shower door and on the tracks that are hard to clean. We heard them remove items to clean each and every shelf of our kitchen cabinets and saw them even clean above the cabinets. They got up on a step ladder to clean our ceiling fans and chandeliers. They removed items as they cleaned, including books on our bookshelves to dust. They collected and removed our trash throughout the house. They realigned pillows on beds, and picture frames. They rearranged certain items on counters after cleaning to provide a clean and more organized look, simple things that we never thought of doing and love the look. We inspected every inch of the house after the first cleaning and didn't see a single area that was "missed". If anything, we noticed things were cleaned we weren't even expecting to be cleaned.   We usually coordinate/schedule our next cleaning date and times before they leave but have also done so afterwards via text and phone calls. I can't speak upon the other reviewers stating their disappointment in not receiving responses. All I can say, is that we've never encountered that issue in any of our experiences with Lima's. Maybe it was the exception to the norm, as I saw a few of those negative responses were tied to some promotion being offered, maybe the responses were overwhelming during that time? Lima's responses to us are always prompt or received after a quick follow up text. They are working all day, every day except for Sunday, so you obviously need to allow them some time to respond back, and not expect them to stop doing their job every single time the phone vibrates, or they'll never stay on schedule and complaints could be made they're always late! One time they contacted me in advance that they would be late due to bad traffic from an accident that had them behind schedule on appointments before us, and they've also reached out on occasion to see if they could come earlier because of their schedule being freed up. So, communication and scheduling has never been an issue with us, knowing they are busy doing their job and staying on schedule, a phone call or text usually gets a proper response.   Obviously the amount/detail of items cleaned differs between a longer deep clean and quicker normal cleaning, so some of the detail I've mentioned above does not occur every single cleaning, but after a deep clean it's easier for them to maintain a clean house under the time frames of a normal monthly/bi-weekly cleaning. But, even under a shorter normal cleaning service, the entire house still looks and smells great, and Lima's cover way more detail in their normal cleaning service then each of the previous cleaners we've tried before them.   Based on our experiences, and having tried other cleaning services before Lima's, I wish we would have just started with them in the first place. If you want a quality cleaning, with attention to detail, for a fair price, from trustworthy individuals.. Lima's has our strong recommendation!!


Description of work:

3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath house. Cleaned bedrooms, bathrooms, bathroom and kitchen floors, base boards, cabinets (including on top!), appliances, mopped tile floors, swept and steam cleaned area rugs and carpet with a 2 in 1 vacuum/steamer, steam clean cloth furniture, dusted everything including moving items and not just dusting around items, cleaned blinds and windows (inside), ceiling fans and chandeliers... Pretty much everything unless you specifically ask to not have certain items done.

6/20/2015 - Nathan Scales

They thoroughly cleaned our kitchen, all 3 bathrooms, and the laundry room, as well as doing a few other things like wiping most of the wooden floors in the house and cleaning up cobwebs in the corners of the upstairs rooms. These folks were amazing. I can't believe how much they got done in 6 hours. Our greasy, sticky stove and range hood were sparkling clean by the time they were done, as was the outside of our refrigerator and microwave and all the sinks and faucets. I wish I had found these folks earlier. 


This was their first visit - were a bit late. After I gave a few directions and requests, they went directly to work. I was pleased that the lead cleaner did things I had not requested: all round windows behind blinds, wiping wheelchair and other wall marks, vacuumed upholstered furniture - especially in cracks where dust had accumulated. Things that prior cleaners just didn't do or see, He saw things that needed dusting, wiping etc. and did them. He was organized and efficient in his approach to cleaning. The woman did not speak English and nodded / referred my questions/requests to him When I have them back I will ask that she not make fancy tissue 'flowers' or other figures on top of tissue boxes.


Description of work:

Two cleaners - 3 hours each. The male was the lead person who gave direction to the female cleaner. Cleaned 2 bedrooms,2 full bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen, sunroom, den, large dining/living room area Cleaned BEHIND blinds over large windows (thank you) spot cleaned low lying wheelchair marks on walls.

6/17/2015 - Kathleen Garbowsky

Cleaned my 3 bathrooms, 3 cleaned floors, 2 showers, sinks commodes, tubs, mirrors very well Made 2 beds very nicely 3eCleaned bedrooms , floors, fans, polished furniture, and ran sweeper 3eVacuumed stairs and cleaned railing 3eWashed outside of kitchen cabinets, cleaned hardwood floors, vacuumed and polished furniture WHY ARE THE NUMBERS AND LETTERS SHOWING UP ON MY REPLY ABOVE?


Description of work:

Cleaned my house

6/10/2015 - Mary G McCool 

Description of work:

I was very pleased with Lima's Cleaning Service. Three individuals worked for 2 hours cleaning my home. The work included two bathrooms two halls a set of stairs one bedroom one living room and my kitchen. They were professional and efficient. It was so nice to have all the living areas of my home clean at once.

6/8/2015 - Meg Bledsoe

They arrived on time and asked a few questions about what I wanted them to do. They started right to work and seemed to have delegation of duties well figured out. They did a fantastic job cleaning areas that I had neglected for some time (under beds, behind beds, ceiling fans, etc.) They even got to areas of my house I never thought they'd have time for. Everything is beautifully done.  I have never used a housecleaning service before, and I feel like my house has new life! I am very pleased with their work and will use them again.  Also, I should add, they were very professional, polite, and efficient.  Thank you Ashley, Mauricio, and Izzy.


Description of work:

Cleaned the rooms in my house that I really wanted them to focus on and even had time to accomplish more.

6/8/2015 - Cassandra Kemp

After introductions were made, they began to clean immediately. One worker started in a downstairs bathroom and another started in the kitchen. The fact that they came with a variety of cleaning materials and equipment enabled them to work quickly and efficiently. They dusted, wiped, scrubbed, and ran the vacuum. I can't remember the last time my stainless-steel microwave looked so bright, my bathtub area contained no soap residue, and my ceiling fans gleamed from the polish they used! Additionally, I was impressed by their attention to those areas that are sometimes overlooked when my family and I are doing general cleaning. I definitely will be utilizing their services in the future. They are highly recommended.


Description of work:  cleaned most of the rooms in my house

6/7/2015 - Douglas Barker

They were great. They got waylaid by unexpected traffic but called me with multiple updates as to their arrival time. Couldn't ask for more than that. Cleanest my basement bathroom ever looked and the rest of the house smelled and looked great for our big party the next day. Professional, courteous, unobtrusive. We will definitely be using them again and recommending them to all or family and friends!


Description of work:

3 people for 2 hours of cleaning. Mopping of tile and hardwood floors, vacuuming of area rugs, full bathroom cleaning, full kitchen counter &amp cabinet cleaning,

5/29/2015 - Ann Johns

This was for a friend that was getting overwhelmed at the thought of weekend guest arriving shortly. Lima's cleaning service were happy to accommodate cleaning various rooms by vacuuming and applying wood cleaning products to clean hardwood floors, baseboards, nightstands. Items on nightstands, end tables and coffee tables were wiped clean, walls were dusted that had cobwebs, inside windows and windowsills were wiped, tops of pictures dusted and various knickknacks on shelving were wiped clean. Not to mention a great cleaning of the bathroom and kitchen, including wiping out the inside of the refrigerator.! They were even graciously accommodating at cleaning dog hair when vacuuming. This company is very easy to work with, and when they were done cleaning, the house was CLEAN! I would refer Ashley, Mauricio and their crew to clean anyone that wants a great job done and nice people to work with. The price was a promotional offered on Angie's List, but my friend gave a tip because of the excellent service Thank you Lima's Cleaning Service!


Description of work:

Lima's cleaning service did an excellent job and were very accommodating with a last minute request as guest were coming for a long weekend. Ashley and Mauricio as well as two others came into the home equipped with all the necessary cleaning products. After a short tour of the home to point out what was in need of cleaning, Lima's cleaning service jumped right in to clean the kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms, living room, dining room, hallways and more

5/28/2015 - Richard & Ami Kleifgen

It went better than I expected. Bathrooms are sparkling clean and sanitized. All the wood floors look new and the carpets are clean. Even the laundry room is clean and the garage was swept. The house feels peaceful and beautiful. I am very grateful for the excellent work.


Description of work:

Ashley and Juda did a terrific job cleaning my house. I don't think my house has ever been this clean. They both were hard workers, very professional and friendly. The wood floors are shining and everything looks and smells wonderful. I am very happy with their work and will have them clean twice each month. I highly recommend them.

4/30/2015 - Brian Rosen

Mauricio has been cleaning our house for several months A two person crew comes every two weeks They work very hard, bring all their own tools, vacuum cleaner and cleaning products. When they are done, the house is CLEAN My wife is particular about this kind of thing and she is very happy with their work They are very reliable, they have never cancelled or rescheduled They show up when they say they will, and get right to work They are very thorough, pleasant and unobtrusive Not the cheapest service, but it's excellent Highly recommended.


Description of work:

Cleaned the entire house, top to bottom

4/26/2015 - Patti Heiser

A crew of four arrived on time and started work immediately. House looked and smelled very clean. I don't think my kitchen sink has ever been so shiny. Windows and floors were also cleaned. Towels were hung in a decorative manner as were the pillows on the master bed. Everyone was extremely friendly and professional.


Description of work:

Thorough cleaning of house including kitchen, two bathrooms and basement. Cleaned floors and windows. Cleaning before putting house on the market.

4/23/2015 - Rita Liebegott


Description of work:

Very efficient and hard working. Home is taken care of in a professional manner. Have had this service for a few months and the quality is the same as the first time they have cleaned my home. Do not feel that the work will get slack after a few months which is the experience that I have had with other company's I have tried. Well worth having come into the home because it is now being cleaned the way I would do it myself.

4/14/2015 - Diane Behling

Lima's was very professional and detailed in their cleaning They were early and called to see if it was OK to come early or if I wanted them to wait until my appointment time, which I appreciated have 4 full bathrooms and one half bath and they cleaned all of them from top to bottom including the windows and blinds They cleaned all my interior windows and swept all of my upholstered furniture. They worked h****** my kitchen and did all they could to try to get the baked in stuff off my iron grates on my stove top and Ashley said when they come next time she will bring a blade to scrape off as much of it as she could get off was very pleased with their service and Ashley, the owner, told me when they had reached the time limit that I had paid for ,(a special that included 6 labor hours) and asked if I wanted them to continue or schedule another time to come back When I told her I wanted to schedule to have them come every other week she finished the rest of the cleaning with no charge!!!! I have used many cleaning services and individuals over the years but always found that no one did as good a job as I expected Ashley, and her crew were exactly what I have been looking for and I will definitely be having them come back!!!!!


Description of work:

Thorough cleaning Dusting, Mopping, Sweeping all rooms Disinfecting and cleaning bathrooms and kitchen.

4/8/2015 - Sue Hamer

Description of work:

We originally contacted Lima Cleaning for a clean of our new house before we moved in. They gave us an estimate that was very reasonable and were willing to come on a Friday night for us since we were on a time crunch with the closing/move-in schedule. It was estimated to take a couple of hours. But when we moved into the house - it was a disaster and my husband and I spent the whole day clearing out junk that had been left. I called Lima cleaning and told them the job would be bigger than expected. They took it all in stride, gave us a new quote, and stayed at our house cleaning every single thing for 6 hours. They were there until the job was done, even though that was after 10pm. I have since painted some of the rooms and have yet to find a spot they missed. The cabinets were cleaned, the walls wiped, vents vacuumed, refrigerator washed, etc. etc. etc. My husband was originally tentative about hiring someone to come in and do the cleaning but we both agreed it was the best $ we spent! Thanks!!

4/7/2015 - Mitza Trbovich

They (Lima Cleaning Service) have been cleaning our home for about 18 months They clean thoroughly, are pleasant and professional. Numerous details are attended to such as individually dusting items on my bookcase, and hand wiping wall pictures and frames. I have a dog and a cat, and they are very attentive to getting all that cat hair!! There have been times when I have had to reschedule due to unexpected events, and Mauricio and Ashley have always accommodated my situation and worked with me either to reschedule or fit in an extra cleaning. I highly recommend them They are very conscientious and clean my home beautifully.


Description of work:

Mauricio, Ashley and Elsa clean our home twice a month They do an outstanding job.

4/7/2015 - Danielle Scherer

Ashley and Mauricio gave us six hours of cleaning service. Scheduling was easy and we were able to arrange for them to come just about a week after I purchased the services. Ashley stayed in touch to confirm and give advance notice of their arrival. They were prompt and conscientious, and very respectful of our house and belonging. They did an excellent job on our not-easy to clean Formica-style kitchen and bathroom floors. Everything looked sparkling and smell fresh--like a burst of spring. Both Ashley and Mauricio were very friendly and pleasant. Would absolutely use their services again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to friends and family.


Description of work:

Six hours of housecleaning.

3/27/2015 - Tricia Norris

I often hear people say that no matter what cleaning service they use, it's never as good as if they had done it themselves They haven't met Ashley and Mauricio! We had them come for a deep clean service and our home has never looked better! We have 3 children, a dog and a cat We haven't had a professional cleaning for years...they had their work cut out for them Ashley returned my email hours after I sent it, came that day to give me a price and scheduled the cleaning for just a few days later They worked (and worked) for 6 hours and the results are amazing We would love to have them back on a monthly basis! Great job! Highly recommended!!!!


Description of work:

Deep Cleaning Service

3/27/2015 - earl aussenberg

I was very impressed when Ashley came to house to see what I wanted done and to discuss options. It was her time and dime and she had no guarantee that I would hire her team. My kitchen floors had just been refinished and I had a fine covering of dust everywhere. Ashley and Mauricio and a third team member cleaned every square inch of my kitchen, living room, dining room and bathrooms. They even took apart the exhaust fan over the stovetop and cleaned it, as well as removing the microwave from its built-in. Additionally, they wiped down all of the walls in the kitchen. They vacuumed all the soft furniture, drapes, etc. The windows and floors truly shine. I would highly recommend them and will use them again. Nothing was too much for them and everything was executed efficiently and with a smile.


Description of work:

Thorough cleaned my first floor and lower level, following the refinishing of my wooden kitchen floor. Three people worked non-stop for 3 1/2 hours, using all of their own cleaning products and materials. I thought it was money well spent.

3/12/2015 - Justin Fiore

Ashley and Mauricio came to my house and discussed cleaning and cost beforehand. On the day of the cleaning, they arrived on time and stayed at least two hours longer than we had discussed without charging me extra. (My house really needed a good cleaning.) I was so impressed when I came home. The house was sparkling, and they really paid attention to the little details. I was very impressed that they stayed until the job was done and didn't just try to get it done in the estimated time we discussed. I would definitely recommend having them clean your home. I am planning to have them clean for me again. 


Description of work:

a one-time cleaning

2/18/2015 - Jason Nevinger

Description of work:

Ashley and Mauricio came and cleaned my townhouse, they spent 2.5 hrs and did a phenomenal job. Will definitely be using their services again. Very professional!

2/13/2015 - Lynne Lehrer

Terrific, the team was timely, efficient and more than willing to do anything they were asked. They were also very respectful of me and my cats. I look forward to using this service on a bi-weekly basis.


Description of work:


2/12/2015 - PRIYA SHAH

Mauricio, in a team of 2, has been cleaning my studio apartment for just under a year, and they do a really great job! I have no problem giving them access to my apartment while I'm at work and have never had any issues. The few times I have had to correspond with Mauricio, either in person or via text, has been extremely easy and pleasant. They bring all their own cleaning supplies and do a thorough job. I highly recommend using their service.


Description of work: Bi-weekly clean

2/3/2015 - M RICKERT

I am usually at work when they come, but today I was working from home. They cleaned thoroughly, as usual, and honored my request to simply damp mop the kitchen floor (rather than use a cleaner). I would certainly recommend them and plan on having them forever!


Description of work:

Mauricio has been cleaning for us (once every two weeks) for about a year. This time Ashley came, as well. They cleaned the entire four-bedroom house, as usual. Mauricio has always been pleasant, reliable, thorough, and careful.

1/28/2015 - Brianna Ivey

Mauricio and Ashley are extremely thorough and do a fantastic job Mauricio has been cleaning our house for more than a year I’m always impressed by their attention to detail and the extent to which they get everything clean! We have two small children, so our house usually badly needs to be cleaned and it's always sparkling when they leave I highly recommend them!


Description of work:  Full housecleaning every 2 weeks.

1/21/2015 - Brenda Stevens

Ashley and Mauricio have been cleaning my home for the last year or so every week, they have never been late or missed a day. My house always sparkles when they are done. I'm very picky about how I want my bathrooms cleaned and they do it great. I plan on continuing services with them for as long as I can.


Description of work:

Weekly cleaning of home and basement.

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